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Reporting and Analysis

Modernize the look and feel of reporting and analysis.  Production quality pixel perfect reports, Microsoft Excel-based ad-hoc reporting, and drillable dashboards, charts, graphs and tables

  • Increase adoption with more timely, accurate, and secure access to finance and operating results through governed analytics

  • Enable true self-service for end-users with:

    • Guided Reporting:

      • Pre-built library of pre-formatted row or column sets

      • Drill down on any dimension via graphs, charts, reports, and grids

      • Export guided reports to Excel, PDF​​​​​​

Report 1 Guided Rep 2018-08-23 at 2.png

  • Excel Integration:

    • Easy installation, no administrative rights required, no registry setting updates

    • Quick, responsive ad-hoc reporting via drag, drop, and pivot

    • Leverage multiple XF Cube Views, Quick Views, and Retrieves in the same Excel Sheet

  • Production Reporting:

    • Detailed, pixel perfect reports

    • Business user enablement and adoption

    • Unified reporting across all Scenarios

    • 50 pre-built reports for audit, process log, security, certification, process controls

Production Reporting (2).png
  • Microsoft Office Blend:

    • Blend OneStream XF reports, charts, and data with Microsoft Office content to deliver production quality report books

    • Parameterize documents, reports, charts, and books to immediately refresh data without re-work

    • Leverage Postal Service solution to distribute, push reports and books

Report 2 Excel Int 2018-08-23 at 2.png
  • Interactive Dashboards:

    • Offers executives and business users ability to change variables to make data actionable for quicker insights and decision making

    • Align financial and operational metrics together in tables, charts, graphs, and other visualizations

    • Drill-down to transactional details to bring clarity to data trends

    • Built-in Governed Analytics:

    • Blend validated financial data, operational data, and transactional data in one platform for comprehensive, controlled, consumable analysis and reporting

    • One governed source of truth for data

    • Eliminate data latency and unnecessary data replication

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