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Close and Consolidations


Automate, accelerate, and simplify the financial close process:

  • Automated Data Integration with pre- and post load validations, real time feedback on data quality issues

  • Financial Reporting with one set of data supporting multiple statutory reporting requirements including US GAAP, IFRS, and Local GAAP

  • Guided Workflows to standardize processes leading users to the right process, right report at the right time

  • Intercompany Eliminations at first common parent in each alternate hierarchy in local and reporting currency for each intercompany party and counterparty​​

Financial consolidation IC eliminations
  • Enhanced Cash Flow Reporting and analysis using the Flow dimension

  • FX Impact by account through roll forward members that detail movements and changes for complete cash flow reporting

Fin cons and rep cash flow (1).png
  • Ownership / Equity Pickup out-of-the-box, packaged functionality

  • Detailed Audit Trails and drill back capabilities for unmatched controls on data, metadata and process changes

  • Reduce time and cost to deliver timely, accurate consolidated results

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