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Account Reconciliations

Eliminate manual and/or standalone reconciliation applications with OneStreamXF MarketPlace Account Reconciliations.  Reconcile what you report and drill to transactional data to streamline reconciliations for all GL trial balances.

  • Financial Consolidation, Reporting, and Account Reconciliations live in a single system for a unified approach to delivery

    • Base financial information is collected and handled one time

    • Enable review and approvals from the highest level down to transactional details

    • Drill from Balance Sheet directly to Account Reconciliations

    • Enable automated alerts to changes to reconciled account balances

  • Automate reconciliations via subledger balance checks with defined thresholds, reducing manual tasks, errors

  • Deliver holistic view of financial statements including a risk adjusted balance sheet

    • View status of all high-risk reconciliations on financial reports

    • Understand the quality score of financial reports

    • Monitor financial risk on customer and supplier sides, aging invoices

    • Achieve true risk management, increasing confidence in financial results

AR db 2x3.PNG
  • Detailed audit trail of reconciliations with timestamp tracking of who completed and approved reconciliations

  • Perform account reconciliations as soon as trial balances are submitted; no longer dependent on corporate close to start account reconciliations

  • Financial Reports and Account Reconciliations are always in sync

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